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That Time Curb Your Enthusiasm Gave a Shout Out to Zankou Chicken

Curb Your Enthusiasm skewered all sorts of pop culture references, humorous situations and improve comedy among well-known celebrities. It also gave a nod to one of LA’s most well-known and legendary eating establishments: Zankou Chicken.

Of course, the show couldn’t come right out and say it was Zankou. Still, the signs were there. The trademark yellow shirts, the delicious chicken (which the show called “Palestinian Chicken”).

Larry David, star of the show, ends up at a restaurant called “Al-Abbas”. Food critic Jonathon Gold immediately caught on that this was not just some fake establishment. The chicken, with its gold-roasted skin and roasted juiciness is basically a carbon copy of the famous LA restaurant with roots in both Lebanon and Armenia.

For those who have been to a Zankou location, the feel is almost unmistakable. The clerks even have similar shirts. While the episode was shot on location at a restaurant called Sunnin in Westwood, the inspiration is unmistakable for those native to LA. Although there was no garlic sauce, the look and feel of the chicken was unmistakable.

Zankou came to America in the 1980s, where its first location was opened in Hollywood. The Iskendarian family decided to share family secret recipes for their garlic sauce and chicken that were first made popular in Beirut, Lebanon. Since, the business has bloomed. The owners of Zankou hope one day to have one in every major American city on the map, an admirable goal for such delicious cuisine.

Perhaps Zankou could live up to Larry David’s proclamation that the chicken was so good “it could end the conflict in the Middle East.”

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